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In addition to our publishing house, we also offer E-Book conversion services for projects big and small from anyone: self-published authors, out-of-print rights holders, independent publishers and more.


What makes us different from other E-Book conversion services?

Our outstanding customer service. All our clients get their own personal conversion specialist who will keep you in the loop and offer professional consultation for any E-Book-related questions you might have. All our conversion specialists are highly-qualified, experienced, and friendly people. Why not drop us a message and start converting your E-Book today?

Digital Conversion

Start selling your E-Book now – as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Quote – Contact us for a bespoke quote. All standard formats are included in one flat fee, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to use.
  2. Personalize – You can choose every detail for your E-Book, or let us do the hard work while you sit back and relax.
  3. Convert – We convert your book or manuscript to an E-Book and send you proofs. Once you approve your design proof, we send you the final versions in all your requested formats.


Professional consultation about anything E-Book related.

  • FREE hour-long consultation meeting with your own Conversion Specialist
  • Advice on where to sell your E-Book, how to price your E-Book, etc.
  • Seller account creation and activation.
  • Unlimited answers to any of your E-Book questions – your Personal Conversion Specialist is available via email, Skype, in-person meetings, messaging, and/or on the phone.

Cover Design

We’ve got you covered.

  • Need a cover? – We do graphic design, too!
  • Need illustrations? – We work with many talented artists and are happy to help you find your perfect match.

Editing & Proofreading

Our team of experienced editors can provide…


What does my conversion quote include

Any and all formats listed below are included in the quoted price EXCEPT the Kindle .kpf format. If you would like this format as well, it’s an additional £35. The reason for this is that the Kindle .kpf format requires a separate program to make, so we will have to reformat the whole book a second time. If you would JUST like the .kpf (none of the other formats) then we will waive the £35 fee since we will only need to convert the manuscript once. If, however, you decide to add any other file format to your order, there will be an additional £35 charge on your final bill.
Format Options: Kindle mobi, EPUB, PDF, Nook, Kobo, Google, Kindle KPF (extra fee may apply)

I already know a lot about the E-Book market and I only need my book converted. Do I have to pay for consultation?

Absolutely not! You only pay for the services you need. If you just want conversion, we’ll send you a quote for the conversion only and that’s all you’ll pay.

Can you tell me more about the conversion process?

Sure! The service we provide allows you much more customizability than other services (you can pick everything from the font type to the graphics included, to whether or not your book has drop caps), and we do all the formatting for you. We will also check that your E-Book files work and are properly formatted on multiple platforms before we show you your E-Book proof. Once you approve your proof and pay your final invoice, we finalize the E-Book files and seller accounts (where applicable) and send everything to you. We will retain your E-Book files for six (6) weeks. To maintain your privacy, we will permanently delete your E-Book files on our devices after six weeks.

What does your consultation service include?

We also offer distribution and seller consultation services at £25 per hour which includes (but is not limited to):

• Questions about distribution (i.e. where to sell, what the pros and cons about different seller sites are, how to sell on an individual’s website vs. a book shop’s website, etc)
• Questions about the ebook publishing industry that go beyond what our service provides (i.e. statistics regarding ebook sales)
• Help setting up seller accounts on pre-existing platforms such as Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, etc.
• Help uploading your E-Book onto these pre-existing sites where you have been approved a seller account (please note that we do not offer website building services, so we are not able to create an online shop for any clients from scratch).

Consultation services will involve an initial one-hour meeting (either face-to-face or via Skype) as soon as possible after you hire us so that we can answer as many of your questions at the beginning of the project as possible. We will also collect all your information for setting up your seller accounts at this time as it generally takes up to 72 hours for sites to validate new seller accounts. This way we can upload your E-Book as soon as it’s finalized.
Typically, 3 emails with consultation questions equals one hour of work – this excludes any and all emails between us regarding the formatting of the E-Book. If there are any consultation questions within formatting emails (i.e. if you reply to one of our formatting emails but also ask how to create an Amazon seller account in the same email), that email will be considered a consultation email in the final invoice and will be counted towards the hourly rate.
Our consultation services end once you have paid your second invoice and have the final E-Book files in your possession.
We do offer troubleshooting help for 24 hours after your E-Book has been uploaded to your seller sites in case of any technical difficulties, but since we work with many clients, after this point, we will unfortunately no longer be available to answer questions about E-Book publishing and distribution.

What’s the difference between Kindle Mobi and Kindle KPF?

The Kindle .kpf format will only work on Kindles IF it was bought through Amazon. The .mobi file will also be readable on Kindle, but it doesn’t have to be bought from Amazon for it to work – for example, you can sell the mobi on both your personal website and on Amazon, but you won’t be able to sell the .kpf on your personal website; .kpf files only work on Amazon.

I don’t own an E-Reader. How will I know the E-Books work?

We check that your E-Books look perfect before sending you proofs. We do this by uploading the files to a KBC computer, phone, E-Reader (Nook & Kindle), and tablet and previewing each page on each device to ensure you receive a high-quality product.
You will also be able to preview your E-Book on your computer.

Why does Kindle .kpf cost extra?

Kindle .kpf files require a separate program to make, so we have to reformat the whole book twice. If you would JUST like .kpf (none of the other formats) then we can waive the £35 fee, but please be aware that if you decide to add any other file format to your order later, this will add the £35 charge to your final bill.

Do you offer any special pricing?

Bulk: 10% off the final price (before VAT if applicable) if you digitize 3 or more titles at once
Academic: 10% off for all students and educators
COVID-19: 50% off for NHS staff + FREE seller account setup

Can I pay in installments?

Certainly! We prefer that you pay 50% of your conversion payment upfront and the rest when you approve your E-Book proof, but we try to be as flexible as we can. We can discuss your payment schedule in more detail after you receive your custom quote.

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