What makes ‘Amarantha’ such a special novel is that it comes with a soundtrack written, composed and performed by the author, E. R. Traina. You can listen to the soundtrack any way you like, but there is guidance in the book that helps you fit each song with a particular part of the story. In the paperback edition, look out for the treble clef symbol, and in the eBook edition, look out for the footnotes.

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Music credits:

Artistic director: Mell Morcone

Voice and Guitar: Elena Traina

Flute: Luca Crespi

Accordion: Lucia Picozzi

Violin: Luca Rapazzini

Choristers: Elisabetta Traficante, Agnese Brasca, Eleonora Romano, Benedetta Oltolini

Sound technician: Marco Rimondo

Mastering: Philosophers Barn Mastering

All songs composed and arranged by Elena Traina, with exception of Chara Chairei, by Mell Morcone.

E. R. Traina performing the Amarantha soundtrack